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Neilmed Nasamist All In One Multi-Purpose Saline Spray 6oz SKU: K403501

Neilmed NasaMist Saline Spray All-In-One is a nasal moisturizer and saline rinse all in one can. Soothe, moisturize and cleanse using three specially designed nozzles. The Ultra Gentle Mist tip moisturizes and lubricates dry nasal passages and is suitable for ages 1 and up. For more relief, the…

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Neilmed Sinus Rinse Hypertonic Packets 70 SKU: K879734

70 Packets of pH Balanced Sodium Chloride &Sodium Bicarbonate Mixture. Natural Ingredients, Preservative Free, Iodine Free & USP Grade. Educational Brochure included.

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NeilMed Sinus Rinse Refill Packets 100 SKU: K796425

A complete, soothing saline nasal rinse kit. Sinus Rinse helps alleviate nasal allergies and dryness; nasal symptoms from flu and cold; sinus symptoms; and nasal irritation from environmental pollutants. Preservative, iodine and latex free.

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Mucinex 24 Hour Non-Drowsy Allergy Relief Tablets 10 SKU: K944728

When allergies are at their worst, there's prescription strength Mucinex Allergy that provides fast-acting, 24-hour relief of your symptoms. Ideal for indoor or outdoor allergies, this non-drowsy formula features a powerful antihistamine to help stop excess mucus that causes runny nose. Mucinex…


Rompe Pecho Cf Cough Syrup 6oz SKU: K147041

Rompe Pecho CF combines an expectorant, nasal decongestant and cough suppressant all in one. It relieves frequent coughing, thins and loosens mucus, and relieves stuffy noses and sinuses. Alcohol Free.


Ricola Cough Suppressant Throat Drops Sugar Free Mountain Herb Bag 24X19 SKU: K327270

Mountain Herb is the sugar free version of Original Ricola, providing the same great taste and 10-herb blend without the sugar. And it contains zero net carbs!


Delsym Adult Cough Suppressant Orange 5oz SKU: K691113

Only Delsym provides you 12 hours of cough relief with a single dose. Twice daily dosing (every 12 hours) vs. up to six times daily for other cough medicines.Single active ingredient - contains no fever reducer or pain reliever. Alcohol free.

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Simply Saline Extra Strength Nighttime Formula Plus Eucalyptus Nasal Mist 4.25oz SKU: K871863

Simply Saline Extra Strength Nighttime Formula plus Eucalyptus helps relieve nasal congestion for a better night s sleep. Drug free and non-habit forming. • Helps dry mucus • Clears nasal passages to help reduce snoring • Use alone or with your cold or allergy medicine •…

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Mucinex Fast-Max Cold, Flu & Sore Throat Liquid 6oz SKU: K494096

There's no other liquid formula from Mucinex like it. Mucinex Fast-Max Cold, Flu & Sore Throat can relieve your cold, flu and sore throat symptoms with the tough combination of mucus busting power and other maximum strength medicines. 4 Maximum strength medicines Relieves Headache &…

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Pretz Moisturizing Nasal Spray 20ml SKU: K505834

Pretz Moisturizing Nasal Spray lubricates and moisturizes dry nasal membranes. It s a natural alternative to decongestants and steroids. With Sea Salt and Yerba Sante, Pretz Nasal Spray restores moisture to dry and irritated nasal membranes, reduces congestion, thins nasal secretion and relieves…

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Mucinex Fast-Max Cold, Flu & Sore Throat Caplets 20 SKU: K798900

Mucinex Fast-Max Cold, Flu & Sore Throat Caplets can relieve your cold, flu and sore throat symptoms with the tough combination of mucus busting power of Mucinex and maximum strength medicines. Each Caplet contains: Acetaminophen 325 mg, Dextromethorphan HBr 10 mg, Guaifenesin 200 mg,…

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Vicks Vaporub Cough Suppressant & Analagesic Ointment Lemon 50 Gm SKU: K295576

Vicks Vaporub is the multipurpose analgesic ointment. When applied on the chest and throat, its soothing medicated vapors temporarily relieve cough and congestion due to common cold. When applied to muscles and joints, its penetrating medicines quickly relieve your aches and pains. Because Vicks is…

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