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Diphenhydramine Antihistamine Caps 50mg 1000 SKU: K300491

Antihistamine. Effectively relieves upper respiratory allergy symptoms including runny nose; sneezing; itchy, watery eyes; and itching of the nose and throat. Relieves symptoms due to allergies, hay fever, the common cold, and other minor upper respiratory irritations. Image shown is for display…


SnoreStop Maximum Strength Chewable Fastabs 60 SKU: K678375

Stops or reduces symptoms of non apneic snoring. Snoring is most often caused by a narrowing of the airways due to inflammation of the soft tissues lining the back of the throat and for a smaller part to the obstruction of the nasal passages. The Maximum Strength SnoreStop formula targets these two…

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ChlorTrimeton Allergy Tablets 4hr 24 SKU: K085043

Provides temporary relief of common allergy symptoms including sneezing, runny nose, itchy, watery eyes and itchy throat and nose.


Ocean Saline Nasal Spray 3.5oz SKU: K844050

OCEAN Saline Nasal Spray is the original, #1 pharmacist-recommended nasal saline moisturizer. It offers natural, non-medicated relief for dry, irritated nasal passages due to allergies, colds, flu, rhinitis and sinusitis. It is safe for frequent daily nasal care and is gentle enough for infants.…


Robitussin Adult Peak Cold DM Cough & Chest Congestion Syrup 8oz SKU: K603506

Formerly known as Robitussin Cough & Chest Congestion DM. Controls and relieves a frequent cough plus thins mucus to relieve your chest congestion, too! Get your symptoms under control with a tough cough suppressant AND an effective expectorant. Calms and temporarily relieves frequent cough …


Chloraseptic Kids Spray Grape 6oz SKU: K638692

Temporarily relieves: sore mouth; sore throat pain; minor irritation or injury of the mouth and gums; pain due to minor dental procedures, dentures, or orthodontic appliances; pain associated with canker sores.


Nostrilla 12 Hour Original Fast Relief Nasal Spray 15 ML SKU: K149393

Metered pump spray delivers a measured dose of medication every time. Shrinks swollen membranes and helps clear nasal passages Long-acting, effective 12-hour nasal spray delivers metered dose for just the right amount of medication. Fast, effective 12-hour relief of nasal congestion due to common…


Simply Saline Allergy & Sinus Relief Spray 1.5oz SKU: K761569

This comforting mist helps clear congestion as gentle misting flushes dust, dirt, pollen and other irritants from nasal and sinus passages. • Helps clear sinus & nasal congestion • Drug free • Sterile saline nasal mist • Safe, everyday relief • Bag-in-can technology;…


Vicks Sinex Vapo-Spray 12 Hour Nasal Decongestant Ultra Fine Mist .5oz SKU: K394585

Oxymetazoline Nasal Decongestant with soothing Vicks Vapors. Provides up to 12 hours of relief from nasal congestion due colds, hay fever and upper respiratory allergies. Questions? Call 1-800-873-8276.


Breathe Right Nasal Strips Original Tan Large 30 SKU: K438325

Don't take nighttime nasal congestion lying down - use Breathe Right strips and discover a drug-free solution that helps you breathe better, sleep better, and feel better. Helps relieve snoring & nighttime congestion Drug Free Easy to use. Comfortable to wear. Breathe better, sleep…


Ludens Moisture Drops Kiwi Strawberry 20 SKU: K793844

Ludens Moisture Drops moisten dry mouth and relieve everyday throat irritation. When you let Ludens Moisture Drops dissolve slowly in your mouth, the Hydro-Active formula goes to work, releasing delicious flavors and naturally soothing pectin to moisten your mouth and sooth dry, scratchy throat.…

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Smith Brothers Black Licorice Cough Drops 20x14 SKU: K192062

Smith Brothers Cough Drops have been soothing sore throats and helping to relieve coughs for more than 100 years. Great tasting, soothing lozenges packed with immune boosting Vitamin C


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