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Ludens Throat Drops Assorted Wild Berry 12X30 SKU: K143339

For over 130 years people have turned to Luden’s throat drops to relieve sore and irritated throats. Made with natural Pectin, on oral demulcent that forms a soothing film over sore throat and mouth tissue, relieving minor pain and inflammation. And Luden’s throat drops taste great too! •…

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Mucinex DM Maximum Strength Expectorant & Cough Suppressant Extended Release 1200mg Tablets 14 SKU: K125864

Maximum Strength Mucinex DM Expectorant and Cough Suppressant gives you maximum help to fight your worst chest congestion and cough. Just one pill helps break up mucus and control cough for 12 hours. • Thins and loosens mucus • Temporarily controls cough • Extended-Release Bi-Layer Tablets…

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Clemastine Tablets 1.34 Mg 100 SKU: K459925

Powerful antihistamine relief to treat and prevent common allergy symptoms such as sneezing, itching, runny nose, or watery eyes and scratchy throat. Image shown is for display purposes only. Actual package varies.


Sucrets Lozenges Complete Vapor Cherry 18 SKU: K881235

The New #1 Cough Cold Solution. Suppresses cough, soothes sore throat, clears stuffy nose and freshenes breath. Plus Vitamin C and Zinc The only lozenges to use both Dyclonine Hydrochloride and Menthol as its innovative active ingredient.

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Ponaris Nasal Emollient 1oz SKU: K041673

For the relief of nasal congestion due to colds, allergies, sinusitis and nasal irritations. Ponaris has gently and effectively been relieving nasal congestion, irritation and post-nasal drip since 1931. All-natural Ponaris a contains oils of pine, eucalyptus, peppermint, cajeput, and cottonseed.…


Sudafed PE Adult Sinus Pressure + Pain + Cold Non-Drowsy Caplets 24 SKU: K922815

Temporarily relieves these symptoms due to the common cold: Nasal congestion, headache, minor aches and pain, cough, sore throat, chest congestion. Helps loosen phlegm (mucus), and thin bronchial secretions to drain bronchial tubes and make cough more productive. Relieves sinus pain and nasal…


Nose Better Spray 1oz SKU: K197103

For year-round nose care. Bathes your dry nasal passages with a gentle, soft moisturizing mist that soothes in seconds. Helps breathing easier and more comfortable. Contains no harsh ingredients. Contain no alcohol.

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Mucinex Fast-Max Cold, Flu & Sore Throat Liquid 6oz SKU: K494096

There's no other liquid formula from Mucinex like it. Mucinex Fast-Max Cold, Flu & Sore Throat can relieve your cold, flu and sore throat symptoms with the tough combination of mucus busting power and other maximum strength medicines. • 4 Maximum strength medicines • Relieves Headache & Fever…

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Halls Triple Soothing Action Cough & Throat Drops Honey Lemon 12x30 SKU: K158204

Halls Triple Soothing Action Cough & Throat drops use natural menthol to soothe sore throat, relieve cough and clear and cool nasal passages. Delicious Honey Lemon flavor. • Triple Soothing Action • Starts to work in seconds • Soothes Sore Throats • Relieves Coughs • Cools Nasal Passages…


Tylenol Cold Multi-Symptom Daytime Liquid Citrus Burst 8oz SKU: K992644

Tylenol Cold Multi-Symptom Daytime gives you multi-symptom relief with an instant Citrus Burst sensation, signaling relief is on the way. Tylenol Cold Multi-Symptom Daytime contains a pain reliever/fever reducer for pain, fever, and sore throat, a powerful cough suppressant, and a new decongestant…

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Halls Naturals Cough & Throat Drops Honey-Lemon Chamomile 12x25 SKU: K140434

Natural Menthol with Halls Vapor Action. Fights coughs, soothes sore throats, and cools nasal passages. Stars to work in seconds. Resealable bags for added convenience. • Fast relief starts working within 10 seconds • Naturally soothing action • Soothes sore throats; Relieves coughs; Cools…


Chloraseptic Soothing Liquid Center Sore Throat Lozenges Honey Lemon 18 SKU: K733980

Chloraseptic Sore Throat Lozenges provide fast, effective relief for your sore throat pain. With the added comfort of a soothing liquid center that coats and relieves dry, itchy and irritated throat and mouth. Chloraseptic lozenges contain benzocaine which temporarily relieves minor irritation,…


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