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Delsym Childrens Cough Suppressant Grape 3oz SKU: K124883

Delsym: A little goes a long way. Only Delsym provides you 12 hours of cough relief with a single dose. Delsym contains only a single active medicine - cough suppressant. Delsym does not contain fever reducers or pain relievers. Alcohol free. Not for use in children less than 4 years old.

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Robitussin Adult Lingering Cold Long-Acting Cough Syrup 4oz SKU: K604785

Formerly known as Robitussin Cough Long-Acting. When your cough lingers on, Robitussin Lingering Cold Long-Acting Cough helps to reduce the severity and frequency of coughing. Just one dose controls and relieves frequent coughing for up to 8 hours. • Reduces severity and frequency of coughing •…

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Ludens Moisture Drops Kiwi Strawberry 20 SKU: K793844

Ludens Moisture Drops moisten dry mouth and relieve everyday throat irritation. When you let Ludens Moisture Drops dissolve slowly in your mouth, the Hydro-Active formula goes to work, releasing delicious flavors and naturally soothing pectin to moisten your mouth and sooth dry, scratchy throat.…

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Pine Brothers Softish Throat Drops Natural Honey Tin 26 SKU: K757211

Relieves sore throat and minor mouth discomfort. Soothing, hydrating comfort that's made with natural honey. Our proprietary blend of natural ingredients plus our famed Soft Drop consistency combine to make most delicious throat drop in the world. Convenient tin tucks into purse or pocket.…

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Ayr Saline Nasal Gel with Aloe 0.5oz SKU: K373753

Dry irritated nasal passages can find relief with soothing Ayr Saline Nasal Gel. Created with ingredients chosen by ear, nose, and throat doctors, Ayr Gel is gentle and formulated to be compatible with nasal membranes. Gentle enough for babies, Ayr Gel provides year-round relief. Ayr Gel is…

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Rompe Pecho Cough Syrup 6oz SKU: K081984

New Improved Formula to combat colds and flu. Rompe Pecho is a very special expectorant formula combining natural extracts to combat cold and flu. The Special Extract Base includes Blue Cohash, Echinacea, Honey, Horsebound herb, Licorice Root, Gingko Biloba, Golden Seal Root, Menthol, Mullein,…


Rhinaris Moisturizing Nasal Gel 1oz SKU: K731026

Rhinaris moisturizing nasal gel restores important moisture to comfort and soothe dry, irritated nasal passages. Rhinaris Gel quickly absorbs into the skin around the nostril area, leaving little residue or trace of application. Rhinaris nasal gel has a low concentration of saline (0.2%) and a high…

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Vicks Vaporub Cough Suppressant & Analagesic Ointment Lemon 50 Gm SKU: K295576

Vicks Vaporub is the multipurpose analgesic ointment. When applied on the chest and throat, its soothing medicated vapors temporarily relieve cough and congestion due to common cold. When applied to muscles and joints, its penetrating medicines quickly relieve your aches and pains. Because Vicks is…

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Mucinex Fast-Max Cold, Flu & Sore Throat Liquid 6oz SKU: K494096

There's no other liquid formula from Mucinex like it. Mucinex Fast-Max Cold, Flu & Sore Throat can relieve your cold, flu and sore throat symptoms with the tough combination of mucus busting power and other maximum strength medicines. • 4 Maximum strength medicines • Relieves Headache & Fever…

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Rompe Pecho Cf Cough Syrup 6oz SKU: K147041

Rompe Pecho CF combines an expectorant, nasal decongestant and cough suppressant all in one. It relieves frequent coughing, thins and loosens mucus, and relieves stuffy noses and sinuses. Alcohol Free.


Chloraseptic Sore Throat Lozenges Soothing Citrus 18 SKU: K881557

#1 Pharmacist recommended, Chloraseptic Sore Throat Lozenges provide fast-acting, long lasting relief of minor sore throat pain. Citrus Sore Throat Lozenges with Menthol/Benzocaine Oral Anesthetic. Temporarily relieves sore mouth, sore throat, occassional minor mouth irritation and pain, and pain…


Vicks Vaporub Cough Suppressant & Analagesic Ointment Original 1.76oz SKU: K601864

Cough Suppressant and Topical Analgesic. Convenient and easy-to-apply. The active ingredients in Vicks VapoRub work naturally through the inhalation of medicated Vicks vapors to relieve coughing due to colds. Vicks VapoRub Cream also relieves minor aches and pains. Since VapoRub Cream is applied…

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