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Zicam Extreme Congestion Relief No Drip Liquid Nasal Gel .5oz SKU: K740779

• Fast relief of nasal congestion and sinus pressure • Nasal gel with Aloe Vera • Lasts up to 12 hours • No-Drip Liquid Nasal Gel won t drip down your throat • Non-drowsy • Use as directed Questions or comments? Call 1-877-942-2626.

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Rhinaris Moisturizing Nasal Mist 1oz SKU: K825372

Rhinaris Lubricating Nasal Mist restores important moisture to comfort and soothe dry, irritated nasal passages. • Moisturizes & lubricates dry, irriated nasal passages • Drug-free and non-habit forming • Packaged with a metered-dose pump • Provides approximately 300 doses…

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Nice Cough Lozenges Sugar Free Menthol Eucalyptus 24 SKU: K547646

Cooling Relief for Coughs and Minor Sore Throat Pain.Temporarily suppresses/relieves.Coughs due to minor throat and bronchial irritation from a cold or inhaled irritants .Occasional minor sore throat pain.


Olbas Cough Syrup 4oz SKU: K743138

Five herbal extracts, six essential oils and wildflower honey are masterfully blended into this highly effective yet pleasant tasting cough syrup. Effective in providing temporary relief from coughs due to colds, plus it cools and soothes throat and bronchial irritations. Great for both children…

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Nose Better Gel .46oz SKU: K197095

Created specifically for year-round nose care. Dermatologist tested dual-action gel soothes and relieves soreness under your nose and around and inside your nostrils. Penetrating, cooling vapors relieve nasal discomfort inside. Its specifically balanced, non greasy formula moisturizes dry, tender…

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Ludens Throat Drops Honey Lemon 12X30 SKU: K143495

For over 130 years people have turned to Luden s throat drops to relieve sore and irritated throats. Made with Menthol, on oral anesthetic, to soothe and relieve minor sore throat pain and irritation. Gently soothe and relieve irritated, scratchy, dry and sore throats. Temporarily relieve minor…

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Vicks Sinex VapoSpray 12-Hour Nasal Decongestant UltraFine Mist .5oz SKU: K394585

Oxymetazoline Nasal Decongestant with soothing Vicks Vapors. Provides up to 12 hours of relief from nasal congestion due colds, hay fever and upper respiratory allergies. Questions? Call 1-800-873-8276.

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Smith Brothers Black Licorice Cough Drops 20x14 SKU: K192062

Smith Brothers Cough Drops have been soothing sore throats and helping to relieve coughs for more than 100 years. Great tasting, soothing lozenges packed with immune boosting Vitamin C


Delsym Childrens Cough Suppressant Grape 3oz SKU: K124883

Delsym: A little goes a long way. Only Delsym provides you 12 hours of cough relief with a single dose. Delsym contains only a single active medicine - cough suppressant. Delsym does not contain fever reducers or pain relievers. Alcohol free. Not for use in children less than 4 years old.

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Dristan Cold Multi-Symptom Tablets 20 SKU: K205773

For the temporary relief of headache, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, fever and minor aches and pains due to cold and for sneezing and itchy, watery eyes due to hay fever or other upper respiratory allergies. Temporarily relieves sinus congestion and pressure and reduces swelling of…


NeilMed Sinus Rinse Complete Kit SKU: K796326

A complete, soothing saline nasal rinse kit. Sinus Rinse helps alleviate nasal allergies and dryness; nasal symptoms from flu and cold; sinus symptoms; and nasal irritation from environmental pollutants. Preservative, iodine and latex free.

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Mucinex Fast-Max Severe Congestion & Cough Caplets 20 SKU: K911685

Multi-symptom, maximum strength Mucinex Fast-Max Severe Congestion and Cough Caplets contain 3 powerful medicines to relieve even severe congestion and cough symptoms. For adults and children 12 years and older. Controls cough Thins and loosens mucus Relieves nasal and chest congestion Adult…


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