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Halls Breezers Pectin Throat Drops Sugar Free Cool Berry 12x20 SKU: K993758

Cools and soothes dry, scratchy throats. Great-tasting, non-mentholated drops. Sugar Free. Only 5 calories per drop. Convenient, individually wrapped drops. Halls goes to work immediately bring you fast, soothing relief. Trusted and depended on for more than 90 years.


Aqua Maris Fast Acting Nasal Decongestant Spray 10ml SKU: A680975

Aqua Maris Fast Acting Decongestant provides instant relief and long term care through the synergy of xylomethazoline, which purifies and decongests, and natural seawater, which restores optimal balance in the nose. The active ingredient, xylometazoline, reduces swelling of nasal mucosa and makes…


Vicks Cough Drops Cherry 20X20 SKU: K101360

Vicks Cough Drops relieve sore throats, throat irritation, and cough commonly associated with a cold. Vicks Cough Drops contain effective medicine to suppress your impulse to cough as they dissolve to relieve your sore throat. Vicks Cough Drops use Vicks trusted ingredients to soothe your sore…

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Dimetapp Childrens Cold & Allergy Elixir Grape 4oz SKU: K993873

Dimetapp has the congestion-fighting power to relieve stuffy noses. It also tackles even the most bothersome runny noses which lets you and your child breath a whole lot easier.


Halls Triple Soothing Action Cough & Throat Drops Spearmint 12x30 SKU: K742908

Halls Triple Soothing Action Cough & Throat drops use natural menthol to soothe sore throat, relieve cough and clear and cool nasal passages. Delicious Spearmint flavor. • Triple Soothing Action • Starts working in seconds • Soothes Sore Throats • Relieves Coughs •…


Chloraseptic Pocket Pump 20 Ml SKU: K744409

Temporarily relieves: sore mouth, sore throat pain, minor irritation or injury of the mouth and gums, pain due to minor dental procedures, dentures or orthodontic appliances, pain associated with canker sores.


Vicks Nyquil Cold & Flu Liquid Cherry 8oz SKU: K603480

New look. Same powerful relief. Your better tomorrow begins tonight. If cold symptoms are depriving you of a good night s rest, turn to Vicks NyQuil Cold & Flu Relief Liquid medicine to relieve your cough, sore throat, headache, minor aches and pains, fever, runny nose, and sneezing to help you…


Father John's Plus Medicine 4oz SKU: K753152

Cold and allergy problems will lessen with this highly effective, pleasant tasting, and non-narcotic medicine. A welcome addition to the Father John's family.

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Pine Brothers Softish Throat Drops Natural Honey Bag 32 SKU: K757344

Relieves sore throat and minor mouth discomfort. Soothing, hydrating comfort that's made with natural honey. Our proprietary blend of natural ingredients plus our famed Soft Drop consistency combine to make most delicious throat drop in the world. Convenient bag keeps drops fresh. Delicious,…

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Preferred Pharmacy Nasal Decongestant Pe Tablets 10mg 18 SKU: K899542

Maximum strength relief of nasal congestion and sinus pressure. Pseudoephedrine free. Preferred Plus Pharmacy offers the highest quality private label alternatives to more expensive national brands. Preferred Pharmacy products give you the comfort of knowing you're giving yourself and your family…


Throat Discs Throat Lozenges 70 SKU: A112888

Throat Discs Sore Throat Lozenges gently coat the throat to soothe discomfort from dryness, overuse and hoarseness.


Mucinex 12 Hour Chest Congestion Expectorant Extended Release Tablets 40 SKU: K690990

Powerful Expectorant Breaks Up Mucus For Up To 12 Hours. When you re sick, mucus can be a master of mayhem. But Mucinex is here to help relieve chest congestion. Each Mucinex tablet has bi-layer technology one for immediate release, the other for extended release that lasts for 12 Hours. •…


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